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Are you ready for the Metaverse?

The terms Metaverse and Web3 are everywhere you look lately, from tech publications to the mainstream media. 

At this early stage, there’s a lot of talk, speculation, and a great deal of hype about what the next version of the internet may become and the technologies it will utilize. 

But with industry heavyweights like Facebook investing sizable chunks of their wealth in its development, you might want to take notice and listen to some of their futuristic plans, even if they may seem implausible right now.

If it comes to fruition the way the key players envisage, one thing is sure – glancing at browser and app screens will not be the primary method for interacting with customers, platforms, and services for much longer.

With the pandemic turning up the digital disruption dial, we’ve seen technology adoption accelerate due to the need to work remotely and the maturation of various cutting-edge technologies.

With increased processing power, the expansion of cloud computing, and rapidly evolving technologies like AR and VR, the new edition of the internet will be a very different experience and capable of far more than we have today.

While the promised fully immersive experience of virtual reality to the masses is still a way off, adding digital elements to a live view with augmented reality is evolving rapidly. Augmented reality is most likely the killer feature that will initially drive the new version of the internet and digital commerce forward.

What is Metaverse?

In a nutshell, it’s the concept for the next iteration of the internet involving an immersive virtual world facilitated using virtual reality, interoperability across services, and decentralized governance. It will be a significant shift in the way we interact with technology and each other.

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And when it comes to commerce, if the major players pushing the development of the Metaverse and Web3 have their way, online transactions are set to change forever. Payments, your digital ID, and who has access to the data will all utilize blockchain technology with the goal of information decentralization.

The premise of decentralization is that users should be able to control their identity, data, and the digital goods they purchase. And these can move with them between platforms, services, and metaverse experiences.

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