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Virtual Travel

Discover Tiburon’s process and the technologies involved in developing the enterprise application for the Huvr virtual travel platform.

A real-time Virtual Travel App that gives you the power and control to explore the world around you

The Vision

  • A real-time global virtual travel platform that gives the viewer the ability and control to explore the world from afar.
  • Integrated web and mobile applications for walkers and travelers.
  • Live video call conferencing between Huvr’s walkers and travelers.
  • Integrated booking and payment engine.
  • Scheduling of on-demand travel, for groups and private trips.
  • Extending the platform to businesses with Huvr Pro – real-time video streaming & marketing platform that connects brands to their audience.


  • With our extensive expertise in developing enterprise software solutions, we were called upon by the Huvr team to provide an end-to-end solution to make their vision a reality.
  • The solution would be built using modern technologies and integrate external services and cloud architecture.
  • To successfully achieve the client’s vision for the platform – the solution needed to utilize leading-edge technologies and infrastructure.
  • Our development team was excited by the challenge and the possibilities it presented, and excelled themselves with the solution they created.

Services Provided

  • Enterprise Software Development for Web and Mobile
  • iOS & Android Mobile Apps UI – UX Design
  • Cloud Platform Engineering
  • External Platform Integrations – Stripe, Vonage, Google APIs
  • Application Maintenance and Tuning

Development Framework

The Huvr web application was built using ReactJS.
The mobile app was architected using React Native, with the back-end using PHP with Laravel framework.

Integrated Technology

  • Vonage – live video call conferencing between walkers and travelers
  • Google Firebase – real-time notifications, social authentication, and database hosting
  • Google APIs – Google Timezone API and Google Maps API for geolocation
  • Stripe Connect – Payments and Payouts
  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure – SaaS Application Hosting

Development Process

The Application

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